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Have a question about our tours, our guides or the work we do? Check our nost frequently asked questions below. If you are unable to find the answer you need, please contact:


How and when can I book a tour? And how much does it cost?

You can find all our tours Here and choose the one you would like to go onto. The easiest way to book your spot is through our website, but you can also find us on Airbnb Experiences, Trip Advisor or social Media. Each tour comes with its own availability and price. Prices start at £10 per person (in Manchester & York) all the way to £15 per person.

How big/small is the capacity for a tour group?

This can vary from tour to tour, but we prefer to have tours starting with three customers. The maximum capacity is usually 20 or 25. Is your group bigger? Don't panic. We can accommodate any size, if you have more than 25 people we will simply split your group between several guides at no added cost to you!

Is there a recommended age for the tours?

Most tours are appropriate for all ages - except for Leith: The Trainspotting Generation that comes with a warning because of some of the language used. You can always leave us a note when booking, so we can expect to have young guests on the tours!

Are all the tours disability friendly?

The tours delivered by Invisible Cities take you on a unique route, but most of them are wheel-chair accessible. We can also adapt our tours to your group and guests, so everyone can enjoy them! When booking your spot, leave us a note with more details about your requirement, so we can welcome you in the best conditions ever. In the past, we have had guests with mobility issues, guests who were visual impaired, and even delivered tours in offices directly, so people can enjoy our stories in the comfort of their working environment!

Our training programme on the other hand is also accessible to everyone. It may include off-site visits and trips to other venues which mean we are relying on external circumstances. However, we will always look into alternative solutions when needed.

Will the tour take place in all weather conditions?

Absolutely! Rain or shine, we will go ahead, unless there is a weather warning and we have been advised to stay inside (which has happened in Scotland before!)


Are all the guides currently homeless?

Everyone is different but all our guides have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. Some may be in temporary accommodation still, but it is their personal choice to share this story with you (or not). No guide will be currently rough-sleeping as we support them with access to services (accommodation and support in the city) while they are training, to make sure they deliver their tours in the best conditions ever.

Should I tip the guide?

This is entirely up to you! Like in every other tourism or hospitality services, gratuities are appreciated, but you are under no obligation to leave some!

The same goes with reviews: we will ask you to leave a review at the end of your tour, but this is entirely your choice.


You say you are a social enterprise- what does it mean?

Invisible Cities operates like any other tour operators! Our aim is to welcome as many guests on our award winning tours as possible. The difference with us is we use 100% of our profit to support our trainees and guides further with their development- whether that is doing more training, accessing employment or other opportunities and to raise awareness of the social issues faced by our own cities. We also organise community events, usually to support rough sleepers and other people we do not reach via our training. You can read more about our Social Impact Here.

I want to start Invisible Cities Tours in my own city- How can I do that?

We operate a Social Franchise Model, which means we are looking for local partners to work with in cities around the world. You can find more information about what that means here. Interested? Fill in our Interest form on our Franchise or email

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